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Inductive Sensor (Analog Type) Proximon Controls Pvt. Ltd

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    Inductive sensor with analog output works in similar way as standard 3 wire DC Inductive Sensors. When a metal target comes in vicinity of the sensor , energy is drawn from the oscillator.
    This energy loss is in proportional with the distance between sensor and the target ; which is converted in analog signal. The analog signal is made linear and then amplified to give 0-10 V output.


    Dimension M18 X 1 X 75mm ( Sn : 1-5mm ) Or M30 X 1.5 X 70mm ( Sn : 3-8mm )
    Supply Voltage 15 – 30 V DC ( Typically 24 V DC)
    Ripple on Supply 10% max
    No load Current Less than 10 mA
    Maximum load Current 20 mA
    Hysterisis 15% max
    Operating Temperature - 25°C to + 70°C
    Output 0 - 10 V DC ( Sourcing Type)
    Environmental protection lP67
    Temperature drift 5 % typical
    Switch - On effect Incorporated
    Temperature Drift 5 % typical
    Switch – ON effect Suppression Incorporated
    Reverse Polarity Protection Provided
    Short circuit Protection Provided
    Status Indication Provided through LED